GHIN is the acronym for Golf Handicap and Information Network. It's a service established by the United States Golf Association to provide handicaps for players at certain golf clubs and associations. A golf handicap is a numerical measurement of a golfer's ability. The lower the number, the better. The GHIN Handicap Program software provides for scores to be electronically routed from any club within the GHIN network. Away scores are re-routed to the home clubs Clubs have access to the USGA Handicap Indexes of all other two million golfers on GHIN across the country. Clubs may inquire about the USGA Handicap Index of any visiting golfer on GHIN Each golfer can see the immediate impact that each new score may have on the individual's Handicap Index at the next revision via the Trend. To visit the GHIN website please click here


It is $35/year, and the year starts at the end of February, beginning of March. The price is pro-rated, to see what you would owe if you decided to join today please scroll down.


To join the GHIN please fill out this form and return it to the proshop with the amount owed.